What's Your Pirate Name?

If ye be comin' to the Louisiana Pirate Fest, ye be needin' a pirate name!
What are ye waitin' for? Get your name below.


The first letter of your last name.

A- Captain

B- Sneaky

C- Stubby

D- Mad

E- Swashbuckling

F- Grubby

G- Fishy

H- Plunderin’

I- Buccaneer

J- Jolly

K- Ruthless

L- Old

M- Greedy

N- Stinky

O- Daring

P- Squinty

Q- Dirty

R- Clammy

S- One-eyed

T- Cracked

U- Bloody

V- Stink-eye

W- Prickly

X- Drunken

Y- Swampy

Z- Salty


Your favorite pet's name.


YOUR Birth Month.

January- the Peg Leg

February- the Cruel

March- the Treasure Hungry

April- the Rapscallion

May- the Dread

June- the Landlubber

July- the Freebooter

August- McBludgeon

September- the Overboard

October- the Mutineer

November- the Squeamish

December- the Marauder