U.S. Army Special Operations Unit

This is an exhibit that you will want to see. The U.S. Army special forces will be bring their special operations semi to the festival and it is a site to see. Inside this vehicle you will be truly amazed by what is displayed.


There will be a virtual reality parachute simulator for you to experience. Also included in the virtual simulator will be things like the Oculus Rift VR System, and the Augmented Reality Sand Table.  As far as the Army system displays you will experience the AH-6 Flight Simulator and the MOS Career Navigator. 


Do you think the Army might have a few weapons. Well they are for public display in this exhibit and will include many different types of soldier and weapon displays. There will also be a special Taste of Liberty weapons exhibit for your viewing pleasure. If you are a gamer and wanted to see what the real thing looks like, then don't miss this. The exhibit will be at the festival both weekends.