Meet the Dive Pirates

The Dive Pirates supports, trains, equips and provides dive travel to individuals with disabilities through Adaptive Scuba Diving. The Dive Pirates Foundation is dedicated to bringing scuba diving to persons with mobility disabilities. What began in 2003 as a social club for divers is now a non-profit foundation that teaches, equips and takes disabled people on life changing scuba diving adventures.



While the program is open to all medically qualified physically disabled people, Dive Pirates focuses on disabled military, law enforcement and first responder veterans who have sustained injuries in the line of duty. Some of these men and women have lost a part of their youth in combat; the foundation aims to help restore a sense of adventure, community and hope for these wounded warriors.


Come out to the festival on Saturday April 30 and meet the team. They will be demonstrating how they celebrate life after injury through adaptive scuba diving. For more information about this organization click here.