Pirate Street parade!

Louisiana pirate festival street parade extravaganza


No one knows how to throw a parade like Louisianans, and organizations, businesses and groups are invited to participate in the Louisiana Pirate Festival Street Parade on Sunday, May 6.  If you would rather participate by going to the parade, that's fine too! Either way, you'll be in for a treat. 

Check out the parade entry form

louisiana pirate festival street parade extravaganza!

The Louisiana Pirate Festival is adding new events to its schedule with one of the featured events being the Louisiana Pirate Festival Street Parade Extravaganza on Sunday, May 6, from 2-4 p.m.


“The Louisiana Pirate Festival is proud to showcase Louisiana’s culture, music, food and art, and parades are one way that Louisianans like to celebrate. This will be a fun addition to the festival, and we are inviting organizations and businesses to participate in the parade,” said Mark Lavergne, parade chair and Louisiana Pirate Festival board member.


The Louisiana Pirate Festival Parade will line up on Mill St., travel south down Ryan St., and then, the parade will roll west on Clarence, north on Lakeshore Drive, ending back at the Lake Charles Civic Center where all the festivities are taking place for the Louisiana Pirate Festival.



For more information or to sign up for the parade, contact the Louisiana Pirate Festival office at (337) 436-5508, send an e-mail to info@louisianapiratefestival.com or visit www.louisianapiratefestival.com for an entry form.