Ron Fruge & Family  

Friday, May 5th



From down there in the mud outside of Lake Charles, Louisiana Ron comes from a big, warm and loving family. He is a full-blooded Cajun and proud of it. His love for Jesus, Momma, his guitar, good food, good music his family and his heritage all influence his music.Ron's all time favorite musical artist is James Taylor.


He has been playing since he was 11 years old. After a lifetime of evolving, he feels he has come full circle back to enjoying the same kind of pure love I had for music as a boy but naturally with the much greater command and depth that comes from years of experience.


Thank you, Lord, for getting me through the "dragon-chasing" insanity that tried to spoil it all for me. I love my music. My music is real; it's straight from my heart. I think there are times I achieve excellence, and times when I only come close, but I always strive for it. As for success, all the money in the world couldn't buy the feeling I get seeing my songs resonate with and matter to somebody. In that respect I know what it's like to be a very blessed and successful man.