Water Events

Landing of Jean Lafitte

Friday, May 5th at 7PM


The Buccaneers of Lake Charles will storm the sea wall with their bands of pirates to take over the City of Lake Charles for the weekend. The cannons of the militia will defend the shores from the pirates as long as they can. Jean Lafitte will come ashore to kidnap the mayor, put him on trial and then walk the plank.


If you have never seen the boats of pirates parade around the lake firing their black powder guns and attempting to land on the sea wall it is certainly a unique sight.

Pirogue Race

Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 5 PM


Teams of people build, decorate and then race their handy work around the lake to claim the top bragging rights and first place. The build starts early in the morning and we encourage you all to come out and see them work.


The Event Application can be found here.


First Weekend


Come see these guys and gals walk on water as they fly across the seawall cutting flips and 360's. Try your hand at it on Saturday and Sunday if you dare, but bring a set of dry clothes to change into!